Welcome to iFlicks
The go-to solution for your video handling needs.
iFlicks is the best and most complete video and metadata handling solution available for macOS.
All about Metadata
iFlicks is all about movie and TV show metadata. It helps you make your iTunes library look awesome by adding metadata. All using a beautifully designed user-interface.

If you love movies just as much as we do, you want them to look beautiful in your iTunes library. You can even update existing videos by dragging them to the iFlicks window. It really brings your iTunes library to life.

  • Automatic metadata lookup for Movies, TV shows and Music Videos
  • Clever parsing of file names
  • Finds beautiful artwork, including squared artwork for TV shows
  • Automatic lookup for chapter markers including creation of chapter images
  • Support for automated Subtitle lookup
  • Metadata completely customizable using rules
Speed up your Conversion
iFlicks has integrated video muxing and encoding capabilities. That way you can choose the best option to quickly import your video files into iTunes.

With iFlicks you can process your videos faster than ever before so you can watch them on your iOS device right away.

  • Extremely fast processing of many video types
  • High quality video encoding using hardware encoders on supported systems
  • Audio support for multiple tracks with different languages in stereo and surround
  • Support for subtitles to be embedded in your video files
  • Dedicated presets to optimize videos for any Apple device like Apple TV, iPhone, iPad or iPad Pro
Automate your Workflow
Automate task you repeat time after time using rules, watch folders and scripts.

Automatically open videos copied to watch folders. Run custom rules to modify metadata and settings. Use AppleScript to automate processing.

  • Custom watch folders with automated processing
  • Powerful rule system to customize your workflow
  • AppleScript support for most functions
  • Integrated tightly with iTunes
iFlicks is video handling made easy. Complete with a georgeous interface and taking advantage of many of the latest macOS technologies.

  • By muxing tracks when possible iFlicks is blazing fast.
  • Handle all common video formats like HEVC (H.265), H.264 and DivX.
  • Support all common video containers like mp4, m4v, mkv and avi.
  • Import all common audio formats, including 5.1 and 7.1 surround content.
  • Embeds subtitles in many formats into your videos.

  • Easily make repeatable steps work automatically.
  • Most powerful rules support for video tagging.
  • Have the metadata look the way you like it.

  • Automatic lookup for movie metadata from The Movie Database.
  • TV Show Metadata for all your favorite shows from the Online TV Database.
  • Music video lookup from The Internet Music Video Database.
  • Squared artwork from Squared TV Art.
  • All common mp4 metadata tags supported.
  • Full support for iTunes specific metadata.
  • Extend your metadata with chapters markers and previews.

  • Watch folders to make iFlicks automatically process videos in certain folders.
  • iFlicks can be fully automated using AppleScript.

Enjoy using iFlicks!